fire in the belly (2020)
million-dollar ideas (2020)
free enterprise (2020)
My Twinn (2020-)

The neoliberal adventures of a doll designed to look like me.

ongoing photo series / installation  

Culsu* / Make a Sudden Movement**

ongoing image-text series (2021-)

I am a sudden movement
in the grass. A trellis between
the Blazing and the Dark.
Hiding what I know and don’t know
from those who dare call me
An Enigma.

*the Etruscan goddess of gateways
**the word braid derives from the Old English ‘bregdan,’ meaning ‘make a sudden movement’; also, ‘interweave’

Convivial Labor (2021)

photographs  in the style of 16th and 17th century European still life paintings using elements sourced from Ridley Road Market in Hackney, East London

Preternatural Resources (2020)

When the majority of us are engulfed in flames, I predict the Medusozoa will return from war and establish a new kingdom, a new hierarchy.

4-minute three-channel video installation

Drawing on Hindu mythology and the structure of an imaginary scientific experiment, this video work cycles through phases of destruction, creation, and preservation, asking what it might mean to displace ourselves. Exhibted as part of “5 Hours,” 42 South Molton Street, London 

shrine to loose ends (2022)
the age of discovery (2022)
circle of endings (2022)
Finis Terrae (2022-)

A mixed-media body of work borne of research into places named “the end of the world,” or some variation thereof, from Land’s End to Finisterre to Verdens Ende, speaking to contested histories of cartography and exploration, rising seas and shifting edges, and the sublime.

Exhibited at the St. James Hatcham Church, Goldsmiths, London

Sluice (2022)

20-minute dance-theatre piece 

A sluice is a splash of water as well as a barrier that controls its flow.

performed on loop for the Cuckmere Haven Arts Festival, exploring vulgarity and wildness, ritual and upheaval, sustenance and loss.

untanglement (2022)
veles’s fingers (2022)
cerebral matter (2022)

mixed-media sculptures (2022)

Ephemeral fruits of research into fungal networks and their potential political affinities, prodding the impulse to see ourselves in nature while also reflecting on new knowledges that arise from the nonhuman.

Exhibited as part of INFRASTRUCTURE IS? at the St. James Hatcham Church, Goldsmiths, London

Activities with Hippocampi*

ongoing image-text series (2022-)

If the shape of an equine yields a storehouse, I will demur.

*the elongated ridges on the floor of each lateral ventricle of the brain, thought to be the center of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous systemas // a late 16th century (denoting a seahorse), via Latin, from Greek hippokampos // Hippos, “horse,” and kampos, “sea monster”

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